Is Open Shelving Functional?

Posted by IRON ABODE on May 20th 2021

Is Open Shelving Functional?

A main concern homeowners and designers encounter is: open shelving isn't functional for day-to-day living. We’re here to prove that statement wrong. There are a million benefits to it! Here are six reasons that prove open shelving is beyond functional:  

A Versatile Way to Decorate 

There is no compromising when it comes to open shelving. Open shelving works with you, insteading of you having to work with it. Open shelving allows complete versatility when it comes to decorating your space.

Your art, plants, or decor can easily be rearranged or changed. HGTV interior designer Erica Reitman says, “It will allow you to constantly switch up the look of your space by rearranging and updating your shelf vignettes. This is an especially great choice if you like to switch up the decor in your space along with the change of seasons.”

Options are limitless with open shelving. Instead of hanging a photo on your wall and being limited to one photo, you can place multiple photos and change them whenever you want to on a hanging shelf.

With open shelving, you can style your space with any aesthetic, anytime you want to. It’s become one of the most modern and versatile ways to decorate.

Photo: @kotuttle

Product Pictured: Custom Hugo (1”) Glass Unit


Epitome of Convenience

With easy access to kitchen and cooking items, open shelving proves it’s the epitome of convenience. Anything stored is easy to find, and easy to put away.

Interior Designer Elizabeth Reich chose Iron Abode’s shelving brackets for her client’s kitchen: “I never thought I'd be an open shelving fan personally but I do love the ease of seeing and grabbing what you need. I just make sure that the pieces visible are all good looking and add to the overall design in the kitchen. {Think clean, solid colored pieces} Adding in some little pieces of artwork also gives it a more unique look. These small rice bowls are this client's favorites. This shelf hangs from the ceiling so we didn't need to drill into the tile. It gives you storage while still giving you that open feeling.”

Durable + Elegant

If functionality is your goal, open shelves are your answer. They can hold just about anything. Your heavy pots and pans, beloved picture frames, or even your finest china will be safe. Iron Abode’s shelving units are handcrafted by artisans in the U.S., allowing them to hold up to 200 lbs.

Whether durability is your focus or not, elegance is part of the package. Open shelves allow you to showcase your personality through decorating. If decorating is not for you, our shelves with visible brackets are a work of art themselves. They make a timeless statement in your home even when they aren’t styled.

Product Pictured: Riviera (½”) Glass Unit


Expands your Space

Did you know open shelving actually makes your space look larger? Instead of installing another cabinet that will block the light and flow in your space, you can install a shelving unit which will still give you storage while allowing light to flow in.  

Hanging shelves often take up less space than cabinets. Using open shelving will immediately open the room, making your space feel bigger and brighter.

Interior Designer Elizabeth Reich expanded the look of this kitchen by switching from boxy cabinets to hanging open shelving.


Easy to Install

Kitchens with a tile backsplash look so elegant, however installing shelves over the tile can be tricky! Avoid drilling into your backsplash and tile by opting to ceiling mounted brackets.

Iron Abode’s easy-to-install ceiling or wall mounted shelves help avoid the many headaches that come with difficult installation types. Both options are still much easier to install than traditional floating shelves.

The simple installation won’t damage your home either. When mounting ceiling or wall brackets, only 2-3 holes are needed for an unlimited amount of shelves. It’s a perfect way to get all the shelves you want, without the wear and tear on your space.

Perfect for those “Awkward” Spaces

Many homes have those oddly shaped spaces that are often forgotten. Transform an awkward space into a purposeful area that adds interest to your home or office.

Our open shelving is easily customizable, any dimension your nook needs, can be created in just weeks. The appearance of your space will then be completely transformed, making this difficult area a focal point of interest in your home.

Customizations aren’t limited to dimensions. The color of your unit is also versatile. Match your kitchen accent colors with black, white, brass, or nickel powder coating brackets. Enhance the texture with choosing any shelves you want. Glass, metal, and four wood finished shelves are just the start of the endless possibilities.

Open shelving is the best way to add a personalized dynamic to your space. A nook in the wall becomes a practical and chic coffee bar with Iron Abode’s Oslo Glass Shelving Unit.

Photos: Blair Campbell Teer

Product Pictured: Oslo (½”) Glass Unit


Open shelving is completely functional. It serves more purposes than we can count. Practicality, convenience, and charm are just the start. From an appearance perspective, your space will be completely transformed. And from a functionalist perspective, you won’t ever stop appreciating the benefits of open shelves.

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