Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Rod Bracket- Patent Pending

Product image 1Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Rod Bracket- Patent Pending
Product image 2Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Rod Bracket- Patent Pending
Product image 3Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Rod Bracket- Patent Pending
Product image 4Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Rod Bracket- Patent Pending
Product image 5Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Rod Bracket- Patent Pending

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Ready to ship in 3-5 business days!

*Price is Per Individual Support*

Please look at pictures for information on:
-What size to get
-How many you’ll need
-The difference between “With Set Screw Holes” and “Without Set Screw Holes”

**You’ve found it** Heavy duty Floating Shelf/Mantel Lag Supports, are very easy to install and are the strongest floating shelf Supports on the market! Each Support is designed to fit right into your drill! They are made out of SOLID, TEMPERED steel to minimize deflection. The end piece of bracket is designed to break off with a pair of pliers, after bracket is installed.

Each support is rated to hold 90 lbs on 12” deep Shelves.

Recommended Applications 
-Mantels and 1 1/2" + thick shelves.
-Ideal for Kitchen and heavy duty floating shelves.

Installation Requirements
Installation requires 1/2” drill. Most cordless and many corded drills are 1/2”.

Body Diameter - 3/4”
Thread Diameter - 1/2”
Wood thickness required - 1 1/2”

Length variations are the body length protruding from wall.

1. Drill 3/8 Pilot holes into studs or sturdy backing.
2. Drill Lag Supports into Holes
3. Break Off End Piece with pliers
4. Drill 13/16 to 7/8 hole into wood slab
5. Secure slab to Supports with either silicone or set screws.

**Watch** Installation Videos: https://myironhome.com (found towards the bottom of "Home" page)

Wood can be included-starting at $20 per board foot. To view more information on wood options and to add shelves to your order, go to:


We also do custom finishes and sizes- to place a custom order, go to:


Read This- Brackets must be properly mounted into wall studs or other sturdy material to obtain load specs. Failure to securely mount can lead to damaged walls and injury.

Notice: Please make sure that you buy the right sizes and amounts- Look at listing pictures and description for help or message us if you're still unsure. Any returns, as a result of failing to do this, will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Alaska + Hawaii shipments will incur an additional fee. Message us for more details.

All of our products are Handcrafted in the USA with 100% American Steel!

*Follow us on Instagram @myironhome to see more how-to videos, customer photos, and to stay up to date with contests!

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